Insurance Coverage

All students who pay a composition fee are allowed to use the services available in the University Health Service (UHS) according to their entitlements. Students who sustain injuries or incur sickness in the course of their University work are entitled to treatment at the UHS.

Where injury or sickness occurs in Hong Kong but outside of the University premises (e.g. during field trips, project work or site visits), the normal UHS service is still available.

However, for field work conducted outside Hong Kong where the facilities of the University Health Service are not available, the University has arranged a general insurance coverage for overseas medical expenses incurred by students up to the limit of $25,000 under the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy and $400,000 under the Corporate Business Travel Insurance Policy. Where appropriate, a separate Group Travel Insurance Policy will be arranged by the University. For reimbursement purpose, a student who sustains injury has to produce to the Finance and Enterprises Office the receipted medical bill (endorsed by a certified medical doctor with diagnosis indicated) together with a certification from the Head of Department concerned that the student is undergoing training activities arranged by the University at that time.  For details on the insurance coverage, please contact the Finance and Enterprises Office through e-mail at

In addition to the standard insurance coverage provided by the University, students may personally arrange additional coverage at their own expense.

Students should note that the University does not insure any personal cash or property of students situated either in the University or in their living quarters. If insurance cover is required, it is entirely up to the student concerned to arrange this personally.
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