Regulations and procedures in the Appendices of this Handbook are:

  General Regulations
 B.   Regulations for First Degree Curricula
 C.   Regulations Governing University Libraries
 D.   Regulations Governing Students’ Academic Conduct Concerning Assessment
 E.   Procedures for Checking of Assessment Results of Taught Courses
 F.   Regulations Governing the Use of Central IT Services
 G.   Statement of Ethics on Information Technology (IT) Use
 H.   Conditions on IT Usage
 I.   Harnet Acceptable Use Policy
 J.   Powers of the Disciplinary Committee
 K.   Procedures for the Resolution of the Grievances of Students
 L.   Procedures for Handling Discrimination/Harassment Complaints
 M.   Map of the Main Campus
 N.   Map of the University

The Calendar, which contains the University Ordinance, Statutes, Regulations and Schedule of fees, etc., can be downloaded from the University website at

If you require additional information or are in doubt about any matters affecting you as a student of the University, you should consult your Faculty Secretary or write to the Registrar for advice.
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