PROCEDURES (except for out-reach programmes, such as IMBA)

After having accepted the University’s offer of admission and paid the required composition fees on first admission to a curriculum of study, a student is required to register with the University.

You are strongly advised to complete the following registration procedures as soon as possible to facilitate collection of your Student Registration Card and any application(s) for other study facilities. After receiving the registration package from the Faculty Office, you must:

(a) use the login details assigned to gain access to the HKU Portal ( and complete the online registration (HKU Portal-> Self Service-> Master Registration) as soon as possible;

(b) submit a recent passport-size photograph and a copy of your HKID card or Passport and Student Visa (if applicable) in accordance with the instructions for ‘Photograph Submission for Student Registration Card’ provided in the registration package for the production of your Student Registration Card;

(c) complete the Faculty/Department/School Record Form(s) and return it to the appropriate office;

(d) complete an online questionnaire “Profile of First Year Postgraduate Students” required by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS); and

(e) collect your Student Registration Card according to the card collection schedule provided in the registration package.

The above registration procedures are set up as of April 2018. You are advised to check directly with your Faculty Office for updated information regarding to the registration procedures.

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