Benchmarked against the highest international standards, the taught postgraduate curricula at HKU are designed to enable our students to develop their capabilities in:

Aim 1: Critical intellectual enquiry and acquiring up-to-date knowledge and research skills in a discipline/profession

  • Critically review, consolidate and extend knowledge, skills and practices and thinking in a discipline/profession
  • Critically evaluate new knowledge and research skills of specialist disciplines and professions from a range of global sources
  • Demonstrate enhanced analytical skills

Aim 2: Application of knowledge and research skills to practice or theoretical exploration, demonstrating originality and creativity

  • Apply disciplinary knowledge to practice or theoretical exploration creatively
  • Employ research skills in practice or theoretical exploration in an original way
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of the appropriate application of knowledge and research skills to practice or theoretical exploration
  • Apply knowledge and skills in a broad range of professional work activities, drawing on relevant local, regional and international experience

Aim 3: Tackling novel situations and ill-defined problems

  • Respond positively to unanticipated situations and problems
  • Identify and define problems in unfamiliar situations
  • Generate and evaluate innovative solutions to problems
  • Deal with complex issues and make informed judgements in novel situations

Aim 4: Collaboration and communication of disciplinary knowledge to specialists and the general public

  • Work with others in a constructive manner to complete tasks
  • Negotiate with others in making a decision
  • Communicate ideas professionally, making appropriate use of available technology
  • Effectively communicate disciplinary knowledge with key stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally

Aim 5: Awareness of and adherence to personal and professional ethics

  • Maintain highest standards of personal integrity and ethical practice in academic and professional settings
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of global best practice in personal and professional ethics

Aim 6: Enhancement of leadership and advocacy skills in a profession

  • Play a leading role in professional settings
  • Articulate ideas effectively and motivate others to action
  • Address critical issues and make contribution to change and development in the profession
  • Attain familiarity with global best practice in the profession

(This educational aim applies only to professional curricula.)

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