The General Education Team (GE) is committed to providing wholeperson education and cultivating among students the breadth of knowledge, competencies, and qualities with which possession they can consider themselves (and be considered) as educated individuals. It organizes programmes for all students with an aim to enhance their general knowledge and understanding of the world, China, and Hong Kong, encourage independent thinking and judgment, and promote appreciation of cultural diversity and arts, moral development, personal growth and critical self-reflection.

The University believes that general education has to be based on awakening students' intrinsic motivation or inner drive to learn and to learn how to learn. Since 1995, the GE has offered a number of non-credit-bearing courses and programmes. These learning activities form a substantial part of the co-curriculum for students.

Prominent scholars and professionals from both within and outside the University are invited to run courses. Community leaders and individuals with outstanding achievement in various sectors also come to the University to share their experiences and insights with students through forums and talks. GE also works closely with the academic faculties and departments of the University to organize various outside classroom learning activities.

In each academic year, GE organizes more than forty study schemes, theme weeks, courses and public events on international politics and economy; cultural, historical, and social development of Hong Kong and China; business, management, economics, thinking skills, emotional intelligence, personal growth, drama, dance, visual arts, creative writing, philosophy, science and technology, information technology, etc. We use a variety of dynamic and interactive pedagogical methods and many programmes are intensive workshops that are experiential in nature.

GE also supports students’ creative projects by offering the F:A:C:E: Subsidy (Fascinating Arts and Culture Experiences) and venue spaces. The newly refurbished Gatherland at the GE office is a cozy place for student activities. Besides, green lovers can join the Rooftop Farming Project and the newly opened Herb Garden outside the Main Library, co-organised with the Sustainability Office, and learn to grow organic vegetables on campus as well as the holistic perspectives of organic farming.

For further details about the general education programmes, please refer to GE’s website and the Facebook page For enquiries, please call 3917 5044 or send email to